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What is TFM Page?

"TFM" stands for Tamil Film Music. TFM Page is a website designed to be an one-stop information centre for Tamil Film Music.

Who created TFM Page?

TFM Page was created just-for-fun by three graduate students Rajaraman, Palanivel and Ravindran at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

How old is TFM Page?

TFM Page has been on the net since 1995.

Can I get a detailed account of the history of TFM Page?

Yes. It is here.

I want to know more about the TFM Page maintainers. How can I?

Look here. It has the current whereabouts of the people and also some photos.

How do I contribute to TFM Page?

Go here.

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I have a query regarding Tamil Film Music. How do I get answer to it?

Go to the Discussion Forum and post it. You should get a response in a day or two.

Where can I get pictures of singers, music directors and lyricists?

Go to the Pictures Page.

Where can I get lyrics for tamil film songs?

Go to the Lyrics Page.

Where can I read about music reviews?

Go to the Reviews Page.

Where can I read about latest news related to Tamil Film Music?

Go to the Discussion Forum.

Are there any music quizzes conducted on the net related to Tamil Film Music?

Yes. Check out the Quiz Page.

Where is the homepage for a singer I know?

Check in List of Singers

Where is the homepage for a music director I know?

Check in List of MD's

Where is the homepage for a lyricist I know?

Check in List of Lyricists

I have been browsing the TFM Page for sometime. I have some comments/suggestions/cribs. Where do I send them?

Send a mail to Comments@newtfmpage.com.

I faced a problem while browsing the TFM Page. How do I get solution to it?

First check the rest of the FAQ if your problem can be solved. Otherwise, you can also report via email to admin@newtfmpage.com. Then an email reply will be sent you soon from TFM Page Admin.


How do I listen to songs on my computer?

It depends on your platform and the audio file format

I don't have a Sound Card. Can I still play songs on my PC speaker?

Yes, to some extent. Look here for the instructions.

How do I detect if my PC has a Sound Card?

How do I record and publish a song on the net?

Read the excellent primer on how to add audio to your site by CNET.COM. Read our realaudio tutorial for further instructions.

How do I view Tamil Fonts on my browser?

There are many fonts available for Tamil. The famous ones are Murasu, Mylai and TamilNet Kanian fonts (in alphabettical order).