MIME Music Quiz Page

Last updated: May 26th 3:30:01 EST 2000

MIME stands for "Muththu Inge Maalai Enge". (People who went through enough 'trouble' solving the quiz refer to it as "Mandayil Iruntha Mudiyellaam Enge".)

All you have to do is: find the first line of the song(at least 3-4 words) corresponding to each clue. One point for every song correctly identified. (You can also send in the movie, singers and lyricist details but no points for any of these. ) The one scoring the maximum points will get the chance to conduct the next quiz. (Ties will be resolved through a separate Tie-Breaker quiz.)

There is absolutely NO restriction for participating in the quiz. Anyone can join the fray(either alone or as a team) and have fun cracking the quiz. Good luck!

MIME's of the Past